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Drink, Review, Repeat

Welcome to my drunk, sorta-sophisticated, sometimes domesticated, always fabulous [in my head], champagne lifestyle on a PBR budget, world.

Have you ever Googled your face off to find the perfect spot for a special event ? I for damn sure have  as the resident party planner for my fraaaaannss.  While there are some Yelp reviewers who get me and answer all the questions I have about a place, these hunbuns are very few and far between. When it comes to looking for a bar, happy hour, lounge or club to spend my time and coin, I always know what I want the vibe to be but don't always know where to find it. And when I do find places with the right vibes I don't want to be pigeonholed into visiting all the time, because as we all know variety is the spice of life, babygirllll. What is it that I am looking for in reviews? A LOT! Like what's the music situation? Should I be ready to get jiggy or just post up and be cute? What's the crowd like? Are there potential baes or creepy dads trying to get their groove back? If I do find bae are the drinks affordable enough for me to be a bawse and send him a drink? (Cause I've always wanted to do that) How strong are the drinks? Will I be too inebriated (not sure thats a real thing in my world) to approach bae after my bawse move? What is the best day for a specific spot? These are just a few of the things that flash through my head before going out. So if you have similar questions, stick with me kiddo. I'll drink, I'll party and hopefully remember it all.  Then I'll share my experience here in my #bardiary posts.

               -Stay bzzzed my friends.


BarBee Bar Tips


#1. Know the vibe of you want


#2. Use Thrillest for leads & Yelp for reviews


#3. Do some type of dry run
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